I like to keep birthday + fathers day mush for the cards but if there’s anyone who loves me blogging, it’s my husband. And on top of that, make it about him, he’s bound to have the best birthday… so today’s post is all about the reasons why he makes our heart happy.


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We got back from our trip to Charleston about two weeks ago. We settled in, caught up on rest, and then prepared to kick off fall..our favorite time of the year. I want to do all the things.

It felt like it rained so much when we were home but we were ecstatic when the weekend gave us a beautiful few days. We did orchards, cider mills, pumpkin farms, and fall festivals. My heart is giddy for this season.

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I feel like I’ve been pretty absent here. We are in between travels and quite frankly, I’m treating it like one big vacation and being super lazy between!

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Now that we are out of the newborn stage and we have a mighty active 6 month old on our hands, I wanted to backtrack and talk about our newborn equipment must haves.

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I’m so glad we got to share every part of our trip with you guys.. it was my favorite trip yet (for obvious reasons- Chesters first of many trips) it was so unforgettable and we are actually heading out for another trip to the mountains tomorrow. Before we set off west I wanted to share our very first video with you guys.

Hope everyone had the best holiday weekend.



When I started this blog series of our time in Utah, I knew I wanted to save my favorite for last. Bryce Canyon is by far the most amazing place I’ve ever experienced. When we walked up to Sunrise Point that morning, tears filled my eyes and trickled down my cheeks. It was majestic and beautiful and serene. It was pure magic.

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Let me throw something back for you.. .ten years ago if you would have asked me what I hoped my life looked like in ten years.. I probably would have said, standing in the kitchen that my husband and I live in, with a baby on my hip, in my barefeet. WHAT. Fastforward, ten years, here I am… While it mostly still looks different, it truly is a dream.


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