If there’s one thing that i’ve had a hard time with adjusting to being a mom, it’s definitely time. i’m non-stop worried about what time it is, how long has he went in between feedings, when was his last diaper change, has he been sleeping too long?

This was really odd for me in the beginning, i was keeping track with an app (which was great sense i was nursing and wanted to keep track of his feedings) but after time, it was wearing me out and made me addicted to the time.

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Before kids: “Oh, I’ll never be a cheesy mom. I’ll still keep things low key on decorating for holidays, I won’t spend a bunch of money on Easter baskets, AND I DEFINITELY will not have all those bright colors around my house for the holidays.”

After Chester: “I need to buy him this bunny, this book because, DUH he belongs here andddd it has a bunny on the front. Oh and that colorful banner, need that, yep”.

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If you read my last post, you would have already picked up that sweet boy and I were showered unexpectedly after our first shower was cancelled due to a family emergency. I am so excited to share this day with you, it’s one of those moments that I will struggle putting into words and expressing my gratitude for so many dear family + friends.

But first..

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Over joyed to announce the arrival of our son, Chester Lee Crane, born March 8th, 2017 at 5:04pm, weighing 7lb3ozs and measuring 20 1/4”. The last few days have been more than blissful and exhausting. We are looking forward to soaking in this time as a family before Chase heads back to work. We will share his birth story hopefully really soon, but first, putting pen to paper. Thank you so much for your well wishes + love!


A few weeks ago I posted to Instagram + added a little caption about how I had been working way harder to keep up with blog posts and partnerships. Literally within a few days, the unexpected happen and here we are a few weeks without any new posts.

Before we catch back up with the Nesting Series, home updates, and some new brands we’ve been loving, I wanted to share what we’ve been up to.

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Seattle Guide PT. 3

First we talked food and coffee, then stores and tourist destinations and our last Seattle Travel Guide Post is my favorite yet! It makes me halfway sad that I’m done sharing this memorable trip with you!

There’s not too much to tell here, the pictures say it all (kind of) it’s kind of one of those things that even photos won’t do it justice, but hey, you’ll get the idea! This was our absolute favorite day in the PNW! We plan to go back spend more of our time further North! I just picture our sweet baby all bundled up close to his daddys chest breathing in that fresh mountain air!

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Seattle Guide PT. 2

To add on to our Seattle Travel Guide, we wanted to talk about the typical “touristy” things we did. As well as a few shops we had to see! This was truly our first time traveling to a “city”. Doing the touristy thing isn’t usually our deal but we decided we would spend one afternoon exploring the city in between the shops and places we were dying to visit!

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