If you follow me over on Instagram, you would have seen my post about our exciting news of moving to the city that’s on fire! We’ve been preparing for our move to KC for quite a few months now.

When we left our college town and moved back to my husband’s hometown I knew I wanted to raise our babies there someday. There’s a special little feeling of being apart of such a small and amazing community, one that I didn’t expect to feel with not being from there.

As we all know, usually, nothing goes as planned. Chase started applying for jobs and found his love and passion in sales. He set big goals and succeeded way faster than either of us would have expected! Within a year and two weeks he found himself checking off his second to biggest goal in his field- becoming a representative out of KC. So here we are- closing on our “very first home” tomorrow.

Our process of house shopping was quite the experience. The night we landed from our honeymoon, Chase had an e-mail from his boss telling him there was a position open, even though it was 11pm, he applied that night. Christmas Eve, we got the best gift of all, finding out Chase had got the position after a few very LONG months. We started the house hunting process right away. We were looking at homes non-stop and nothing was giving us the feeling we had hoped for.  We were both getting really frustrated and aggravated with the process. We considered multiple ideas but something told us to keep looking. One morning at 6am, I was pouring my coffee when I got an alert about a historic home for sale. I opened the link and there it was, the place we would soon call home.

I think we both knew it before we even got there later that day. It took us a whole few hours to put an offer in and before we knew it we were under contract. It’s funny how things work out if you keep pushing forward even when times get tough.

We can’t wait to share our adventure with nesting in our new home!

A Place to Call Home

Hi, old followers and new friends! I’m so excited you are here! This is my new favorite spot on the internet and I’m so excited to finally feel like I have a place to call “home”.


Since September 2015, I began re-focusing my brand and ideas for the future. As a business owner and blogger, it’s hard to stay true to your niche, and keep things authentic! I found myself forcing posts and content. I’ve gone through a re-brand before and even after launching the two different websites that separated my blog from my business; I still felt something out of place. So here I am, all one site, all one name, all ME. There has been such a different feeling with this go around and I LOVE IT!


Not only did I combine my content into one place but I re-focused my work and where I wanted to be. Since the beginning of the re-branding process I’ve teamed up with some more amazing companies who I am so excited to talk about the products I’ve used and have complete faith in. I’ve done some amazing styling projects that has my heart fluttering. And lastly, I’ve took a deeper dive into who I am as a designer. You will find a few different aspects over here but things are sure to remain the same, you will read a lot about family, design, styling, the outdoors, and everyday life.


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