Planning our wedding, I was so excited about spending the day getting ready in the cute little cottage on the land we were being married on. Picture salon mirrors, mimosas, dancing & singing.. It was truly a perfect setting for being pampered with my best friends.

While weighing different gift options for my girls, I knew it was important that I give them something that we would all wear to get ready in. Of course, Pinterest is full of ideas, but I couldn’t stay way from Plum Pretty Sugar robes. They are absolutely flawless and I was so excited to gift them! They were dainty and simple.

As the day went on, I remained cool and collected. I remember so many vendors making comments about how I was the most relaxed bride that they had ever worked with. I remember joking, “maybe it’s the mimosas”. But in reality, by the day of your wedding, there’s nothing you can change so you may as well kick up your feet and roll with it.

One of the things I decided I wanted to do with my bridesmaids was a first look. I kept our moms, sisters, and my MOH in the room to help me put on my dress. My mom zipped me up and each girl took a turn buttoning the back of my gown. It was perfect.

My sweet mom got me a few gifts and one of the best memories of my wedding day was my “something old”. I had bought fabric and had hankies made for my bridesmaids, moms, grandmas and myself. I already had mine with all my stuff so when I opened a box that had another in it, I looked up at my mom and laughed, having no clue what was on the other side. She had a part of her wedding dress sewed on to it with my new name embroidered. It will forever be my most cherished gift from her.

The “first look” with my bridesmaids was so fun and sweet- no one had seen my gown before our wedding day so the reactions from them were so fun and totally worth the wait. The rest of the time we had before the ceremony we spent getting our pictures done. (Post coming soon)

Another favorite moment of getting ready was right before the ceremony, we turned up the music as loud as it went and had a little dance party. My best friends surrounded me and it was one of the most fun times I’ve ever had. Not to mention our cute little grandmas right there with us!

Another moment I will never forget is when my closest ladies in my life surrounded me with prayer. I have never felt God more in my life. I will remember everything that was said in those few moments and the presence that was in the room. I believe because we were seeking God the day of our wedding is one of the only reasons why everything was so amazing. 

If there’s any wedding advice I have, it’s to sit back and relax, take it all in and enjoy every second! So many people will tell you that they hardly remember anything, but I can tell you what happened every moment of our big day because I just took it all in and enjoyed the moment. It’s time like these that you will never get back!




PHOTOGRAPHY: Stephanie Nachtrab

HAIR: Sierra Shriver-Roberts

MAKEUP: Hillary Brinker


                   MOMS GIFTS

                   MOMS GIFTS

                     ROBE SETS

                     ROBE SETS


During the wedding planning process, I found myself a little sad that we weren’t going to be married in our favorite place, Chase’s family farm. I remember weighing the option of what it would be like to have all of our favorite people at our most meaningful spot but it just wasn’t something we could make work.

Leading up to the wedding, we were considering options for a rehearsal dinner since our venue would be booked the night before. It only made sense- we should do it at the farm, where it all started. It didn’t take long before my mind was whirling with ideas. I wanted it to be casual, with creative little details, and I wanted it to be something that we would remember and cherish forever.

There were a few things we needed: twinkling lights, farm tables, and miniature picnic baskets for each guest. The rest didn’t matter, because the setting of the event was enough. Luckily for us, our family and friends were such big helps. Our moms took over the rest of the details and made it all happen.

Before I go any farther, I have to say, Chase.. THAT BOY, he’s got it going on! It’s almost annoying how good he is AT EVERYTHING! Literally, everything. To all my clients out there, I’m sure Chase has at some point put a special touch to your wedding suite. Or the fact that I love to cook and I’m actually pretty dang good at it, but you get him in the kitchen and BOOM a five star meal. The list goes on…

WITH THAT BEING SAID, the day before our wedding I was being pampered while he was setting up with some family and friends for the dinner! My mother-in-law got there and added some finishing touches and if I do say so myself (besides it being a tad chilly) it was a dream come true. The golden hour left us with some gorgeous photos by the amazing Michelle Heaston!