Before kids: “Oh, I’ll never be a cheesy mom. I’ll still keep things low key on decorating for holidays, I won’t spend a bunch of money on Easter baskets, AND I DEFINITELY will not have all those bright colors around my house for the holidays.”

After Chester: “I need to buy him this bunny, this book because, DUH he belongs here andddd it has a bunny on the front. Oh and that colorful banner, need that, yep”.

Anyone else?

This Easter, I was totally conflicted on what to do as a new mom. He’s not into toys yet, he has so many books already, and he can’t eat candy. We already opted out on visiting the Easter Bunny but I wanted to start some traditions this year.  Although this is more satisfying for me, I’m sure to believe any little will love it too.

Basket: Plum & Sparrow is one of my favorite companies! I keep trying to score the perfect moses basket from them but they SELL OUT immediately after restock in all my favorite ones! Working on being quicker!

Books are our thing around here. I seriously can sit at barnes and noble for hours finding the perfect stories with even better illustrations. When I heard about the book, “You Belong Here”, I bought it immediately. It was really hard for us not to give it to him at the hospital, but I wanted him to have something special for Easter. We also love the book, “The Little Gardener”. At our old home we had a 20’x20′ garden, since moving we use raised beds but we know he will always be involved.

Outfits: I’m a sucker for the Little Cottonwood Collection. I told myself I would wait until he was older to invest in these sorts of clothing items but I couldn’t contain myself. We got 3-6 months in both.

Bonnets, Bandanas, Teethers: Such good ideas for your little ones. We are obsessed with babies wearing bonnets, so cute! I also love these bandanas for the solids + teething days to come, they are stylish and not your typical “bib”. We also love the teethers by Happy Hadley. They are so cute and of course, we love that it’s made with wood.

Pacifier Clip: We officially introduced the pacifier and our little man is very picky on when he wants it but when he does, HE WANTS IT NOW! Having a pacifier clip is a game changer, especially this cute one by Madelines Box that you can score on Amazon Prime before the holiday!

shop our easter basket below:

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