Next stop, Antelope Canyon…


Man. Nature. It’s the one thing that just tugs on my heart and can immediately bring me to a puddle of tears. I’m so thankful that Chase brought this side out of me so many years ago. It was something I really didn’t experience much and now it’s practically who we are. We love the outdoors.. whether we are gardening, hiking, camping, or just simply sitting on the patio. It brings me the most inspiration and I REALLY couldn’t get through a day without taking time to enjoy it.

Antelope Canyon was such an incredible experience. When we pulled in, I was a little worried we had made a mistake with how crowded it was and we saw literally no other children. We got a few looks from other tourist + I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I was in tears waiting for our tour to start because I felt like everyone was looking at us giving us dirty looks.

I was so wrong for questioning if we had made a mistake. It was completely doable with Chester in tow + honestly such a great thing to do at his age. The only downfall was waiting to actually go down into the canyon.

Once we did make it down, however, it was worth every moment we waited. Chase was in absolute Heaven and he took ATLEAST 400 pictures I bet that we won’t even edit because it was just THAT GOOD.

Our tour guide was so sweet and kept telling us how cool it was that we were traveling with our baby. He explained all of his knowledge that his ancestors had passed onto him and it made me so thrilled to think about when Chester would be old enough to ask questions and what his curious little mind may question.



Antelope Canyon was another check off of our bucket list.


Last stop- Bryce Canyon, I saved the best for last.

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