Let me throw something back for you.. .ten years ago if you would have asked me what I hoped my life looked like in ten years.. I probably would have said, standing in the kitchen that my husband and I live in, with a baby on my hip, in my barefeet. WHAT. Fastforward, ten years, here I am… While it mostly still looks different, it truly is a dream.


One thing I knew I wanted to do when I got pregnant was whip up my own baby food. Something about the process in the kitchen brings me so much peace and relaxation. However, I didn’t really prepare for this. We got to our four month well check, got the approval for solids, and off we went….

The world of baby food is kind of insane. There’s so many key points I had never even considered. Again, I just pictured myself barefoot in the kitchen with a baby on my hip (ha- the irony) When I came across the Beaba brand, I was pretty smitten! I mean the design was made for working with one hand while holding your baby! GENIUS! Making all my mom dreams come true!

We have had a garden for the past five summers and I really feel like this is the first summer we have harvested the majority of it instead of just eating things here and there and the rest going to waste. Beaba Babycook has made all of my experiences easy as cake. I love that this item can grow with us as Chester gets older- cooking meats in 15 minutes and helping us make smoothies for the whole family.



We have introduced sweet potatoes, beets, apples, and avocado so far! We hope to take you on many adventures with us as possible in the kitchen with Chester!



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