chester at 11 months

I had planned to do a blog post for every month which kind of breaks my heart that this is the first- but when’s better than the month before the BIG ONE? Here’s a little update on our little C boy!


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savannah, georgia

Now that we’ve shared our time in Charleston here, I want to share one of my favorite parts of our trip. We rented a car and hit the road early one morning after grabbing some coffee and biscuits at Callies hot Biscuits (a southern must) and made our way to Savannah, Georgia! We were way to close not to go for a quick visit and I’m so glad we did.

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charleston, sc


We just got home from another trip which reminded me that I never shared our time in Charleston! So let’s play some catch up… this was a good one! We’ve been dying to visit here for as long as I can remember, we finally pulled the trigger just in time to visit in late September!

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a little bit of hurt

I’m not one to really feel anything spectacular when the New Year comes around- sure I like to reflect and think about all the amazing things that have happened and even the hard- but I don’t set new goals, I don’t start working out if I wasn’t already, and really I just kind of move on.

This year feels different. It feels quiet, it feels painful, it feels heavy. Assuming you’ve been here before- we welcomed our sweetest little baby into the world and I don’t want anyone to mistake our hurt for not seeing how amazing and incredible this year was- trust me, it trumps it all. But truthfully we are ready to put this year behind us.

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Oh how I wish I was posting pictures of Chester opening gifts surrounded by family, eating amazing make ahead breakfasts, and showing off his cutest Christmas outfit but instead we spent our holidays home alone bouncing between our bed and couch. Our sweet little babe came down with a stomach bug, then a cold, and finally ended with croup.

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Fun fact for those of you who don’t know me: I was a freelance graphic designer before becoming a mama and if you would have told me this time last year that I would choose to outsource our Christmas Cards- I would have laughed! But here we are…

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We kicked off our Christmas with our yearly tradition of visiting the tree farm after thanksgiving and searching for the perfect tree. Things were a little different this year- a quick feeding in the car, timing it out between naps, and skipping the hot cocoa because the midwest decided to bless us with a 70 degree day right before December.

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When I say “thankful doesn’t even cut it”, I find it to be so very true. This year has came with so many blessings, so many that it almost hurts. We have found gratitude in some really hard and difficult times but we’ve also found it in the most memorable moments such as our little guy being born and being placed onto my chest with Chase right by my side.

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Traveling is a huge part of Chase & I. Looking back we didn’t really travel all that often before we were married, so we thought. But as we flip through travel journals and add pins to boards of locations we’ve visited, we are reminded that we have and maybe at the time took it for granted. Now, everytime we pack our bags we feel so fortunate to be sharing such memorable moments with our son. Because in our home, we believe he knows and it impacts him, even at his age.

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I always imagined what it would be like to add a little one to the holidays! Not particularly Halloween though! But when October rolled around, I was ready for all things Halloween. I imagined what our first year of carving pumpkins as a family would be like.. twinkle lights, a fire in the background, listening to halloween music.

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I like to keep birthday + fathers day mush for the cards but if there’s anyone who loves me blogging, it’s my husband. And on top of that, make it about him, he’s bound to have the best birthday… so today’s post is all about the reasons why he makes our heart happy.


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We got back from our trip to Charleston about two weeks ago. We settled in, caught up on rest, and then prepared to kick off fall..our favorite time of the year. I want to do all the things.

It felt like it rained so much when we were home but we were ecstatic when the weekend gave us a beautiful few days. We did orchards, cider mills, pumpkin farms, and fall festivals. My heart is giddy for this season.

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I’m so glad we got to share every part of our trip with you guys.. it was my favorite trip yet (for obvious reasons- Chesters first of many trips) it was so unforgettable and we are actually heading out for another trip to the mountains tomorrow. Before we set off west I wanted to share our very first video with you guys.

Hope everyone had the best holiday weekend.



When I started this blog series of our time in Utah, I knew I wanted to save my favorite for last. Bryce Canyon is by far the most amazing place I’ve ever experienced. When we walked up to Sunrise Point that morning, tears filled my eyes and trickled down my cheeks. It was majestic and beautiful and serene. It was pure magic.

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Let me throw something back for you.. .ten years ago if you would have asked me what I hoped my life looked like in ten years.. I probably would have said, standing in the kitchen that my husband and I live in, with a baby on my hip, in my barefeet. WHAT. Fastforward, ten years, here I am… While it mostly still looks different, it truly is a dream.


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Although we haven’t mastered the art of packing for trips yet, we are still learning, I do feel like we have somewhat of a grasp on weekend packing. Whether we are running off to my in-laws or to the family farm, we try to be very light and organized, so we want to share some tips we have learned along the way.

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Seriously, where do I even start? We have SO many things we want to share after our recent trip to Utah + Arizona, so bear with me on these longer posts. From how we packed with a newborn to all the best hikes. So we hope you stick with us here and enjoy all the stuff we are about to throw your way.


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I am almost at a loss of words but yet have so much to say. It was important to me to take the time to write his birth story on paper before sharing it here. And while I kept it more raw + detailed over there, I still want to share the majority of his story here. So grab a cup of coffee (or wine) and read about the biggest miracle I’ve ever witnessed.

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If you read my last post, you would have already picked up that sweet boy and I were showered unexpectedly after our first shower was cancelled due to a family emergency. I am so excited to share this day with you, it’s one of those moments that I will struggle putting into words and expressing my gratitude for so many dear family + friends.

But first..

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Over joyed to announce the arrival of our son, Chester Lee Crane, born March 8th, 2017 at 5:04pm, weighing 7lb3ozs and measuring 20 1/4”. The last few days have been more than blissful and exhausting. We are looking forward to soaking in this time as a family before Chase heads back to work. We will share his birth story hopefully really soon, but first, putting pen to paper. Thank you so much for your well wishes + love!

Seattle Guide PT. 1

Planning a trip to Seattle soon? If your not, find a flight and GO, soon! It was so amazing! We are already talking about heading back next fall with our sweet baby in tow. While we will do our next trip differently-spending more time out in the mountains and probably only one day in the city- we wanted to do a breakdown of our favorite places around town for good eats, treats, and coffee!

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I seriously can’t believe how quickly Christmas has come and gone this year. Actually, I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by! I guess this is a little glimpse into parenthood, if I’m taking advice from my mom. (Hey, mom!)

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There’s some peace of contentment that writing brings me. I don’t know if it’s the thought of putting a memory to paper and knowing you can cherish it forever or the thought of my future great great grandkids having pieces of me.

I think writing has been lost in the pastime. It breaks my heart knowing that most of my generations kids won’t have notes, journals, letters, etc. from there parents, grandparents, and great grandparents! Something so dear and meaningful.

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Oh our sweet baby, how badly you were prayed for! Read more on that here. It was late June, a hot summer day. We were planning a weekend away in Colorado the following weekend and I was about to sign a lease on a studio. After your daddy and I talked and talked about the finances, the lifestyle change, and YOU-we made the decision,  if we were still waiting for you, I would go ahead and sign a 6 month lease.

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Our time in Arkansas was short and quite the adventure, but absolutely great! It was a last minute trip and reminded me the importance of being spontaneous! Gathering all our gear is always one of my favorite parts of trips. Pulling out the tent and making sure you have enough matches to start fires brings me simple joy.

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During the wedding planning process, I found myself a little sad that we weren’t going to be married in our favorite place, Chase’s family farm. I remember weighing the option of what it would be like to have all of our favorite people at our most meaningful spot but it just wasn’t something we could make work.

Leading up to the wedding, we were considering options for a rehearsal dinner since our venue would be booked the night before. It only made sense- we should do it at the farm, where it all started. It didn’t take long before my mind was whirling with ideas. I wanted it to be casual, with creative little details, and I wanted it to be something that we would remember and cherish forever.

There were a few things we needed: twinkling lights, farm tables, and miniature picnic baskets for each guest. The rest didn’t matter, because the setting of the event was enough. Luckily for us, our family and friends were such big helps. Our moms took over the rest of the details and made it all happen.

Before I go any farther, I have to say, Chase.. THAT BOY, he’s got it going on! It’s almost annoying how good he is AT EVERYTHING! Literally, everything. To all my clients out there, I’m sure Chase has at some point put a special touch to your wedding suite. Or the fact that I love to cook and I’m actually pretty dang good at it, but you get him in the kitchen and BOOM a five star meal. The list goes on…

WITH THAT BEING SAID, the day before our wedding I was being pampered while he was setting up with some family and friends for the dinner! My mother-in-law got there and added some finishing touches and if I do say so myself (besides it being a tad chilly) it was a dream come true. The golden hour left us with some gorgeous photos by the amazing Michelle Heaston!


If you follow me over on Instagram, you would have seen my post about our exciting news of moving to the city that’s on fire! We’ve been preparing for our move to KC for quite a few months now.

When we left our college town and moved back to my husband’s hometown I knew I wanted to raise our babies there someday. There’s a special little feeling of being apart of such a small and amazing community, one that I didn’t expect to feel with not being from there.

As we all know, usually, nothing goes as planned. Chase started applying for jobs and found his love and passion in sales. He set big goals and succeeded way faster than either of us would have expected! Within a year and two weeks he found himself checking off his second to biggest goal in his field- becoming a representative out of KC. So here we are- closing on our “very first home” tomorrow.

Our process of house shopping was quite the experience. The night we landed from our honeymoon, Chase had an e-mail from his boss telling him there was a position open, even though it was 11pm, he applied that night. Christmas Eve, we got the best gift of all, finding out Chase had got the position after a few very LONG months. We started the house hunting process right away. We were looking at homes non-stop and nothing was giving us the feeling we had hoped for.  We were both getting really frustrated and aggravated with the process. We considered multiple ideas but something told us to keep looking. One morning at 6am, I was pouring my coffee when I got an alert about a historic home for sale. I opened the link and there it was, the place we would soon call home.

I think we both knew it before we even got there later that day. It took us a whole few hours to put an offer in and before we knew it we were under contract. It’s funny how things work out if you keep pushing forward even when times get tough.

We can’t wait to share our adventure with nesting in our new home!