So when I launched my new design for the blog earlier this year, I had planned to do a load of old posts I had saved that had to do with all things newborn. But in great Kaylee fashion, I can’t find the folders- BUT some of them are SO good, I am going to redo it all because it’s so worth it and every new mama needs these things! So first off- our obsession for lovedbaby.

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Traveling is a huge part of Chase & I. Looking back we didn’t really travel all that often before we were married, so we thought. But as we flip through travel journals and add pins to boards of locations we’ve visited, we are reminded that we have and maybe at the time took it for granted. Now, everytime we pack our bags we feel so fortunate to be sharing such memorable moments with our son. Because in our home, we believe he knows and it impacts him, even at his age.

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Now that we are out of the newborn stage and we have a mighty active 6 month old on our hands, I wanted to backtrack and talk about our newborn equipment must haves.

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Let me throw something back for you.. .ten years ago if you would have asked me what I hoped my life looked like in ten years.. I probably would have said, standing in the kitchen that my husband and I live in, with a baby on my hip, in my barefeet. WHAT. Fastforward, ten years, here I am… While it mostly still looks different, it truly is a dream.


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Although we haven’t mastered the art of packing for trips yet, we are still learning, I do feel like we have somewhat of a grasp on weekend packing. Whether we are running off to my in-laws or to the family farm, we try to be very light and organized, so we want to share some tips we have learned along the way.

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In honor of National Breastfeeding Week- I thought I could center this Friday around all of our favorite + must have nursing stuff.

I wish I could say that our journey with breastfeeding has been a breeze but we have had plenty of ups and downs. Although we seem to be on the rise now that he is 5 months, I take every feed as a blessing that my body is still allowing for me to nurture my baby. There are some things I have learned + also appreciate that have helped us along the way.

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I am almost at a loss of words but yet have so much to say. It was important to me to take the time to write his birth story on paper before sharing it here. And while I kept it more raw + detailed over there, I still want to share the majority of his story here. So grab a cup of coffee (or wine) and read about the biggest miracle I’ve ever witnessed.

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If there’s one thing that i’ve had a hard time with adjusting to being a mom, it’s definitely time. i’m non-stop worried about what time it is, how long has he went in between feedings, when was his last diaper change, has he been sleeping too long?

This was really odd for me in the beginning, i was keeping track with an app (which was great since i was nursing and wanted to keep track of his feedings) but after time, it was wearing me out and made me addicted to the time.

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Before kids: “Oh, I’ll never be a cheesy mom. I’ll still keep things low key on decorating for holidays, I won’t spend a bunch of money on Easter baskets, AND I DEFINITELY will not have all those bright colors around my house for the holidays.”

After Chester: “I need to buy him this bunny, this book because, DUH he belongs here andddd it has a bunny on the front. Oh and that colorful banner, need that, yep”.

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Over joyed to announce the arrival of our son, Chester Lee Crane, born March 8th, 2017 at 5:04pm, weighing 7lb3ozs and measuring 20 1/4”. The last few days have been more than blissful and exhausting. We are looking forward to soaking in this time as a family before Chase heads back to work. We will share his birth story hopefully really soon, but first, putting pen to paper. Thank you so much for your well wishes + love!


A few weeks ago I posted to Instagram + added a little caption about how I had been working way harder to keep up with blog posts and partnerships. Literally within a few days, the unexpected happen and here we are a few weeks without any new posts.

Before we catch back up with the Nesting Series, home updates, and some new brands we’ve been loving, I wanted to share what we’ve been up to.

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I seriously can’t believe how quickly Christmas has come and gone this year. Actually, I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by! I guess this is a little glimpse into parenthood, if I’m taking advice from my mom. (Hey, mom!)

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There’s some peace of contentment that writing brings me. I don’t know if it’s the thought of putting a memory to paper and knowing you can cherish it forever or the thought of my future great great grandkids having pieces of me.

I think writing has been lost in the pastime. It breaks my heart knowing that most of my generations kids won’t have notes, journals, letters, etc. from there parents, grandparents, and great grandparents! Something so dear and meaningful.

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Oh our sweet baby, how badly you were prayed for! Read more on that here. It was late June, a hot summer day. We were planning a weekend away in Colorado the following weekend and I was about to sign a lease on a studio. After your daddy and I talked and talked about the finances, the lifestyle change, and YOU-we made the decision,  if we were still waiting for you, I would go ahead and sign a 6 month lease.

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