savannah, georgia

Now that we’ve shared our time in Charleston here, I want to share one of my favorite parts of our trip. We rented a car and hit the road early one morning after grabbing some coffee and biscuits at Callies hot Biscuits (a southern must) and made our way to Savannah, Georgia! We were way to close not to go for a quick visit and I’m so glad we did.

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charleston, sc


We just got home from another trip which reminded me that I never shared our time in Charleston! So let’s play some catch up… this was a good one! We’ve been dying to visit here for as long as I can remember, we finally pulled the trigger just in time to visit in late September!

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Traveling is a huge part of Chase & I. Looking back we didn’t really travel all that often before we were married, so we thought. But as we flip through travel journals and add pins to boards of locations we’ve visited, we are reminded that we have and maybe at the time took it for granted. Now, everytime we pack our bags we feel so fortunate to be sharing such memorable moments with our son. Because in our home, we believe he knows and it impacts him, even at his age.

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I’m so glad we got to share every part of our trip with you guys.. it was my favorite trip yet (for obvious reasons- Chesters first of many trips) it was so unforgettable and we are actually heading out for another trip to the mountains tomorrow. Before we set off west I wanted to share our very first video with you guys.

Hope everyone had the best holiday weekend.



When I started this blog series of our time in Utah, I knew I wanted to save my favorite for last. Bryce Canyon is by far the most amazing place I’ve ever experienced. When we walked up to Sunrise Point that morning, tears filled my eyes and trickled down my cheeks. It was majestic and beautiful and serene. It was pure magic.

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Although we haven’t mastered the art of packing for trips yet, we are still learning, I do feel like we have somewhat of a grasp on weekend packing. Whether we are running off to my in-laws or to the family farm, we try to be very light and organized, so we want to share some tips we have learned along the way.

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Seriously, where do I even start? We have SO many things we want to share after our recent trip to Utah + Arizona, so bear with me on these longer posts. From how we packed with a newborn to all the best hikes. So we hope you stick with us here and enjoy all the stuff we are about to throw your way.


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Seattle Guide PT. 3

First we talked food and coffee, then stores and tourist destinations and our last Seattle Travel Guide Post is my favorite yet! It makes me halfway sad that I’m done sharing this memorable trip with you!

There’s not too much to tell here, the pictures say it all (kind of) it’s kind of one of those things that even photos won’t do it justice, but hey, you’ll get the idea! This was our absolute favorite day in the PNW! We plan to go back spend more of our time further North! I just picture our sweet baby all bundled up close to his daddys chest breathing in that fresh mountain air!

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Seattle Guide PT. 2


To add on to our Seattle Travel Guide, we wanted to talk about the typical “touristy” things we did. As well as a few shops we had to see! This was truly our first time traveling to a “city”. Doing the touristy thing isn’t usually our deal but we decided we would spend one afternoon exploring the city in between the shops and places we were dying to visit!

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Seattle Guide PT. 1

Planning a trip to Seattle soon? If your not, find a flight and GO, soon! It was so amazing! We are already talking about heading back next fall with our sweet baby in tow. While we will do our next trip differently-spending more time out in the mountains and probably only one day in the city- we wanted to do a breakdown of our favorite places around town for good eats, treats, and coffee!

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Our time in Arkansas was short and quite the adventure, but absolutely great! It was a last minute trip and reminded me the importance of being spontaneous! Gathering all our gear is always one of my favorite parts of trips. Pulling out the tent and making sure you have enough matches to start fires brings me simple joy.

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