In honor of National Breastfeeding Week- I thought I could center this Friday around all of our favorite + must have nursing stuff.

I wish I could say that our journey with breastfeeding has been a breeze but we have had plenty of ups and downs. Although we seem to be on the rise now that he is 5 months, I take every feed as a blessing that my body is still allowing for me to nurture my baby. There are some things I have learned + also appreciate that have helped us along the way.


Sweet Chester latched right away in the hospital- we let him navigate himself and it only took about 20 minutes after birth before he was nursing. He was a champ. By our first follow up appointment with a pediatrician, he had surpassed his birth weight and was growing like a weed, until he wasn’t.

The past few months have been a rocky road of doing my best to keep my supply up, eating fatty foods to boost my calories, and multiple weight checks that left me with a broken heart, one which eventually left us headed to the hospital with failure to thrive.

Our stay at the childrens hospital were full of challenges aside from the huge scare we had (a video coming soon on this). They wouldn’t allow for me to nurse at all the first 12 hours. We had breastmilk rushed from our freezer and they monitored his bottles while I pumped in silence on what would be my bed for the next three nights. I looked down at my bottles and they were empty. Stress and emotions had taken over my body and I was coming up dry. I was devastated. Was this it? I remember bawling in the bathroom, chugging gatorade and water, just praying that I would get to nurse my baby ONE MORE TIME.

Fast forward later in the day, my mom arrived with my number one necessity, Oat Mama Bars. I scarfed one down and decided to eat another. I chugged water. Forced myself to close my eyes and rest. I pumped again three hours later and I produced just a little bit more. Eventually my supply went back up. I will never be without my Oat Mama Bars, bottle of water, and never forcing my body to keep going when I’m tired.

A few other of my must have nursing items are below:

Oat Mama Lactation Tea– I love the blueberry pomegrante tea. It’s delicious and is perfect to drink during our bedtime feeding.

Milk Snob Sadly, breastfeeding is still very controversial. While I’m not too worried but also not super out there about my feedings, this is a great option for those times where you would actually feel better just covering up.

Nursing Bra   This has been my favorite nursing bra yet. Not to mention it’s the most comfortable bra that I own!

Nipple Balm– I’ve personally only had to use it twice but I did have instant relief.

Bottles Chase and I agreed well before we were even pregnant that we would still date and SOON after we had babies. We went on our first date for my birthday right at 1 month. It was the best. With that being said, I knew I wanted great bottles to ease my mind while we were gone. I also wanted glass. These bottles are great.

Drying rack– for those times I pump, I wanted a modern drying rack. I loved the grass pads by boon but when I discovered they carried it in white, I was 110% sold. (not all baby products are ugly)

Water Bottle– last but not least, I was SOOOOO thirsty during pregnancy. I would just drink out of Chases yeti cup. But after having Chester, I wanted something I could take everywhere with me. Throw it in the bed for mid nursing drinks, in the diaper bag for when we are on the go. It keeps my water just as cold as the Yeti did.


Have the best weekend, friends!! And HAPPY NATIONAL BREASTFEEDING WEEK!


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