This weeks Friday Favorites may be one of my most favorite yet- childrens books!


I made the longest list long before I was pregnant. From Home to Hug Machine- childrens books are truly so beautiful. The design that goes into them and the stories, they give us all the feels.

We are currently ordering all the Autumn books and ready to change the bed sheets to make things a little bit more cozy in the nursery. But first, I wanted to share what were our favorites this summer!

Extra Yarn- This book was must have + I got a little wishy washy on if it was still cute for a boy and it totally is! We love how it expressed the important of generosity and never settling.

The Wonderful Things You Will Be- Chances are if you have had a shower, birthday, etc. for your little since I was pregnant, we gifted this book. I love it. I read it on during a rough patch with our little man and even though I had read it a badrillion times, I sat there crying. It’s so true that they can be whatever there little minds desire.

Hug Machine- ALL THE FEELS.

Ooko- The cutest book + we love the design.

The Friendship- This was the guestbook at my baby shower. I love this piece so much and no matter the season it will always be our shelf.


We have so many other favorites and wanted to share just a few for now, plenty more to come! We would love to hear if you have any book recommendations!


Happy Friday!

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