Guys, I have been finding myself in tears multiple times the past few days over Houston! It just breaks my heart that so many peoples lives are wrecked right now. It truly has made a pit in my stomach.

Truth be told, I didn’t use to feel this hard. But I do now and it really has ignited something in me. Also, many years ago, when I was actually just a newborn my very own family packed up what they could from our home that my folks had just brought their third baby home to and evacuated. Their house eventually submerged with water and the rest of our belongings gone.

I picture my mom and dad standing in front of their home and the feelings they must have felt. Three young children, a dog, and no idea what would be next. I think of us, in front of our own home, completely ruined with that horrible feeling of feeling like your world is falling apart.

I can’t imagine how many families are feeling this right now or maybe even people who don’t have families. Just knowing how alone they must feel. Its killing me. In some ways this whole “all sales today will be donated to Harvey” make me feel weird that buying something and getting something in return is what is motivating people to donate but at the same time it is a donation. SO I HAVE PUT TOGETHER SOME TRUSTWORTHY PLACES THAT YOU CAN DONATE TO OR PURCHASE FROM FOR A FULL DONATION.


My WildBird all proceeds today will be going to the Houston Harvest Food Bank

Mae Woven Todays proceeds will go to hurricane relief effort

Magnoila Tee Shirt All proceeds until the END OF SEPTEMBER will also be going to the relief effort.

Of course the redress is taking donations – text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10

A few other ways that my family will be helping:

Diapers ARE NOT PROVIDED by disaster agencies. Visit Texas Diaper Bank to learn more.

Clean out your closet and anything that is newish can be shipped to:

Southside Skatepark

510 Iowa St.

Houston, TX 77587

Another website that is very informative: here.


I will continuously add any shops I see doing full proceeds + any other great ways to help as the days go on!

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