Now that we are out of the newborn stage and we have a mighty active 6 month old on our hands, I wanted to backtrack and talk about our newborn equipment must haves.


Here’s a breakdown of what we experienced with our most favorite items:

Stroller- When registering, I knew I wanted this and it has been great for Chester. However, we didn’t really think about all the other kids we want and how it doesn’t have a second feature option. Hoping this is something that’s added soon.

Pack n’ play- Chester is quite the little traveler and we love how compact and light this is for traveling. We only intended to use it on trips and its serving its purpose well.

Carseat- LIGHTEST ON THE MARKET for this weak mama. We love it. I have a hard time getting it out of the stroller sometimes but I’m thinking theres an easier way and we just never figured it out.

Mamaroo- Chester loves to interact, even since he was a baby. He loves being held but sometimes I needed a break or wanted to get something done and this was a life saver. I thought we’d use it for a long time but he barely gets in it anymore. Still a must have.

Moses basket- we love this and we were so torn between this cheap purchase over an expensive one but it has done it’s job perfectly. He slept in this in our room for the first 4.5 months. He is a long babe though and outgrew it faster than I wanted him to for night time. We still use this frequently during the days.

Monitor- no comparison here but we like it and love that we can add on other cameras for future babes.

Bath Insert- this is great for our farm sink and super easy to store.

Nursing Pillow- the first day in the hospital I didn’t have my pillow and thought we wouldn’t need it but by the next day we had it dropped off to us to help me support Chester during feeds. Now that he’s older we don’t really use it for nursing much but it helped a ton in the process of him learning to sit up.

Lastly, our drying rack. I started pumping to freeze milk around 1 month. I was barely pumping but it was coming in use. Now that I’m pumping a little more and he’s also eating solids, this thing is amazing! We love it and also love that it’s white and we don’t mind it being on our counters. It’s all about aesthetic you know?

What were your baby equipment must haves?



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