We have been on the go non-stop all of July. I can’t complain too much because it made time fly by and I am so ready for fall. The heat wave finally broke this past weekend and we found ourselves enjoying the cooler weather after bedtime on patios and by heading to a local peach farm on Sunday.

We’ve been dying to pick peaches for a few years now but always wait until its too late. We had the absolute best time + it will definitely be a yearly tradition. We hope we can sneak in one more trip before they are out of season- because you can never make too many peach cobblers.

There is seriously nothing better than family time + I love spending our time outdoors soaking in as much fresh air as we can. Anyone else go nuts with how hot is has been? I’ve been planning all the things now that the weather is cooling down.

Our Gathre mat is a go to for all of our outdoors adventures. I love the activities my family does together but the absolute best part is when we just take a seat and soak it all in. Chester is grabbing onto things and it was so cute watching him try to get the peaches into his mouth. (don’t worry- he didn’t succeed) but we did introduce an avocado yesterday and it was a smashing success!


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