Seriously, where do I even start? We have SO many things we want to share after our recent trip to Utah + Arizona, so bear with me on these longer posts. From how we packed with a newborn to all the best hikes. So we hope you stick with us here and enjoy all the stuff we are about to throw your way.



Our first day in Zion did not disappoint at all.. In some ways it was everything I had anticipated but also so unbelievable at the the same time. From the color palettes to the fresh air, I really couldn’t soak it in enough that first day. We spent the day hiking to the emerald pools and eating lunch in the canyons.

Before we called it a day we did the canyon overlook point. This was the top thing I wanted to do in Zion since we opted on the Angels Landing Hike (totally going back just for this hike) but honestly TAKE YOUR KIDS TO ZION AND DO THE OVERLOOK HIKE. The feeling walking up on that view is absolutely breathtaking and I love that Chester was right there with us.



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